Dockyard and Engineering works Ltd (DEW) is now one of the leading, profitable and renowned Dockyards of Bangladesh. Its success and fame is now shifting upwards day by day. The Dockyard has diversified its engineering capabilities in different shipbuilding aspects. It has great historical evidence of building vessels like Warship IPV, FPB, HPB, HSB, RO RO Ferry, Survey Boat, Landing Craft Tank, Tug, Coaster, Sea Horse and different types and class vessels for Bangladesh Navy, Army, Coast Guard, BIWTA, BIWTC, CPA, MPA and many other Private Organizations. In 2012, DEW built a water jet powered Aluminum boat for Bangladesh Coast Guard, which was first ever built of its kind. DEW has added a new dimension in shipbuilding technology by producing composite boats for BCG. The yard has diversified capacity of building and mending ships, both on and off the shore, with steel, aluminum and composite materials.