Health Safety and Environmental Issue

Medical And Health Care
A well equipped and expart medical team, composed of qualified MBBS Doctor, Medical Assistant, Nurse and other personnel ensures all medical supports and health care facilities. This yard has not experienced any severe accidents or casualty so far.

Safety And Security
Safety of employees and security of the yard gets the highest priority than any other aspects. This yard has own fire fighting system equipped with latest technology’s extinguishers, fire hose and fire hydrants. DEW has dedicated a well trained team of fire fighters to deal any kind of fire hazard and natural disaster. Safety and hazard management instructions are being given periodically to ensure a safe and sound working environment.

Environmental Issue
DEW Ltd is extremely concerned about environment pollution issues. DEW is involved in maintaining high standard of cleaning and nature friendly activities for example, zero carbon emission into the atmosphere and water. A large number of trees are being
planted every year to keep the environment safe.